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Benefits of Probiotics

A lot of people have heard about probiotics but don’t know how many ways probiotics can be beneficial. Here is a helpful list of the how to’s and benefits of probiotics as a natural part of your diet.

Benefits of Probiotics

* With Antibiotics to help restore the healthy bacteria in your gut

* if you have a B Vitamin Deficiency

* With and during Chemotherapy to help detoxify the body

* If you have Diarrhea

* When you have Dyspepsia

* If you have issues with Gastrointestinal Infections

* Hepatic Coma and Precoma

* Use probiotics to restore and enhance  your Immune System

* Leucorrhea

* Candidiasis – Candida is a growing problem today, and if allowed to grow systemic it becomes a serious problem

* After Antibiotics – again, let’s help the body to help itself

* Convalescent Therapy

* After Chemotherapy

* Digestive Problems – Probiotics help in so many ways!

* Eczema – What?  Skin conditions are helped by problotics?  Yes, indeed!

* Geriatric Therapy

* Hypercholesterolemia

* Lactose Intolerance

* Thrush and Oral Infections

* Vaginitus

This is not a comprehensive list, but will give you a great overview of how probiotics can help us both with health issues but also for our day-to-day healthy living patterns.


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