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Benefits of Probiotics « Wellness Matterz

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Simple Solution – B12 For Energy

According to the World Health Organization, "Malabsorption of vitamin B12 can occur at several points during digestion". Alfa Sublingual B12 is absorbed under the tongue to avoid the breakdown of B12 by the digestive tract. Conditions that are treated with vitamin B12 include sleep disorders, memory loss, Alzheimer’s, tendonitis, and immunosupression.

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Benefits of Probiotics

A lot of people have heard about probiotics but don’t know how many ways probiotics can be beneficial. Here is a helpful list of the how to’s and benefits of probiotics as a natural part of your diet.

Benefits of Probiotics

* With Antibiotics to help restore the healthy bacteria in your gut

* if you have a B Vitamin Deficiency

* With and during Chemotherapy to help detoxify the body

* If you have Diarrhea

* When you have Dyspepsia

* If you have issues with Gastrointestinal Infections

* Hepatic Coma and Precoma

* Use probiotics to restore and enhance  your Immune System

* Leucorrhea

* Candidiasis – Candida is a growing problem today, and if allowed to grow systemic it becomes a serious problem

* After Antibiotics – again, let’s help the body to help itself

* Convalescent Therapy

* After Chemotherapy

* Digestive Problems – Probiotics help in so many ways!

* Eczema – What?  Skin conditions are helped by problotics?  Yes, indeed!

* Geriatric Therapy

* Hypercholesterolemia

* Lactose Intolerance

* Thrush and Oral Infections

* Vaginitus

This is not a comprehensive list, but will give you a great overview of how probiotics can help us both with health issues but also for our day-to-day healthy living patterns.


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